Ethical Channel

What is the Ethical Channel?

We at Prosegur work to provide the finest service in an optimal working environment, subject always to a strict code of ethics and conduct. Which is why we have set up the Ethical Channel.

The purpose of the channel is to help identify any conduct that contravenes the law, ethical principles and standards, or the Company's good governance regulations. We therefore encourage employees, customers or anyone associated with our services to contact us with information on such incidents.

If your information is related to Prosegur Cash, S.A. or the people or activities run at Prosegur Cash, S.A., you can contact us through the Ethical Channel on the website


How do I make a report?

Below you can access the form where you can include full details of the matter that concerns you. Try to be as specific as you can with regard to names or departments, people, documents, policies, places, dates, times, etc. For getting access, you must first accept the Privacy Policy.

All reports filed with the Ethical Channel will be kept entirely confidential. You can provide your identification and contact details to help us resolve the incident, or if you prefer you can make an anonymous report. You can monitor your report and continue to communicate with the channel administrator, by generating an access password.

You can attach documents to your report. Please be sure that all personal information has been erased from the attached documents to protect your identity, should you so wish.


Good use of the channel  

It is important to remember that the Ethical Channel will only process reports associated with conduct that contravenes the Prosegur Code of Ethics and Conduct. For any other matters or queries, please use the customer or employee service channels.

To avoid improper use of the channel, strict criteria will be employed when accepting reports, with civil, penal and administrative liability applicable to any reporting party abusing the process or violating the principle of good faith.

Thank you.