How we do it

Our social projects are progressively implemented in the different geographies, taking into account the criteria of sustainability, transparency and the copying of good practices.

Fundación Prosegur is run by a professional team under the direction of Helena Revoredo, Prosegur President. The Board of Trustees is made up of members of Prosegur’s Management Board and Executive Committee.

Foundation social projects are gradually implemented in each one of the countries where the company operates, attending to local needs and using good practices’ models as a reference.

Over 32,6950 people have directly benefited from the institution’s activities in 2014, which at present is working in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, Singapore and Spain.


Group information

1. Profit information o Net surplus previous year (in Spanish)

3. Format 2531-information on management and control positions (in Spanish)

4. Format 2530-information of founders (in Spanish)

5. Heritage Information previous year (in Spanish)

6. Format 2532- donation information (in Spanish)

7. Annual Management Report 2017 (in Spanish)

8. Financial Statements Year 2017 (in Spanish)

9. Requirements Certificate (in Spanish)

Annual Report

Find out what gives our work meaning: people

Fundación Prosegur has been publishing an Annual Report since 2011. This report aims to further exemplify the company’s commitment to transparency and improvement.

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