17 OCT 2019

Argentina: Celebrating World Smile Day


Argentina: Celebrating World Smile Day

In order to pass on positive attitudes to children, a total of 24 employees from the Security business took part in a volunteer activity organized in eight Piecitos Colorados schools in the country, on the occasion of World Smile Day.

On this occasion, the aim of our Ambassadors' Corps was to raise awareness among more than 700 children of the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene and a healthy smile. In a playful way, the Prosegur volunteers explained to the children what tooth decay is and how to prevent it, as well as teaching them how to brush their teeth correctly. At the end of the day, toothbrushes and toothpastes were given to all the children, encouraging them to use them on a daily basis.

Thank you for so many supportive smiles!


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