07 OCT 2019

Argentina and Colombia: Thank you Solidarity Travelers!


Argentina and Colombia: Thank you Solidarity Travelers!

Because with their commitment and dedication, our schools and students from Misiones and Bahía Blanca (Argentina) and Barranquilla, Cartagena and Soacha (Colombia) have been able to improve their facilities and promote educational leisure initiatives.

In a new edition of our "Solidarity Trips" program, collaborators from both countries have carried out different activities together with the educational communities. In Colombia, the painting of classrooms, furniture and the façade of schools, the launch of the Nutritional Training Guide through a fun game or the promotion of reading and sport were highlighted. In addition, the volunteers were able to participate as jurors in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, in which different teams from the Barranquilla school presented their projects on a better use of digital technology. In Argentina, employees who traveled to schools had the opportunity to repair desks and school benches and enjoyed creating puppets with the students.

A solidarity initiative in which volunteer employees exchange experiences with their local peers and learn first-hand about the company's social commitment to quality education in vulnerable environments (ODS4).


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