27 JUN 2019

Rewarding internal talent!


Rewarding internal talent!

The Prosegur Foundation has delivered a total of 131 Talent Grants in Chile, to recognize the academic excellence and personal effort of the company's employees and family members.

For the 2019 school year, 82 scholarships have been awarded for children of employees who are in secondary education; 29 study aids for those of Higher Education in technical and / or university levels; and 20 scholarships for employees that combine work and studies.

In Santiago, the ceremony brought together the beneficiaries of the three modalities for the first time and had Education 4.0 and the challenges that new generations face as its guiding thread. As a closing, Jorge Nahuas, Operations Manager CASH LV, encouraged the Talent scholarship to persevere in their goals and to develop an entrepreneurial thought.



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