07 JUL 2019

Colombia: We open our Science Club!

Piecitos students have fun with science


Colombia: We open our Science Club!

With the aim of raising scientific interest among Piecitos students and bringing them closer to STEM training, Prosegur Foundation, in partnership with Forum 21, has launched its first Science Club at Antonio Nariño school. Using exclusively recycled materials, students are not only receiving theoretical lessons, but they carry out experiments with water, fire, air and earth to learn in a playful and experiential way.

This initiative - framed in the educational improvement phase of Piecitos Colorados - is possible thanks to the support of Prosegur Volunteers and school teachers, who have been previously trained to offer these activities to the classroom. A learning that will conclude with a Science Fair where students will exhibit the best projects.
Congratulations for this great teamwork!


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