23 JUL 2019

Colombia: School Olympics

To promote healthy and sporting habits


Colombia: School Olympics

Our Piecitos schools in San José de Clemencia, Cienaguita and La Aguada de Ceferino have joined the promotion of sport as a healthy habit, also recovering popular and traditional games. Thus, the Sports Olympics have been carried out, where students have competed in funny disciplines such as yo-yo, coca, hula hula, target shooting, sack and pimpon races, among other activities.

In addition to strengthen students’ physical development, Piecitos Colorados seeks with this type of initiatives to promote values ​​such as teamwork, effort, and fairplay.

The Development Cooperation program already has 48 schools affiliated in seven Latin American countries, eight of them located in Colombia, where the project is improving the quality of life and education for more than 880 students.


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