29 NOV 2018

Prosegur Foundation rewards academic excellence

Talent Scholarships have been awarded in Spain and Portugal for the 2018/19 academic year


Prosegur Foundation rewards academic excellence

With the aim of recognizing the effort and excellence of employees and family members, Fundación Prosegur has awarded 226 Talent Grants in Spain and 162 grants in Portugal for the 2018/19 academic year.

In Spain, the aid delivered is divided into three categories: 175 scholarships for children of school-age employees and 26 for university students with outstanding academic records, in addition to 25 for company professionals who combine studies and work. The award ceremony was held at the headquarters of Prosegur in Madrid, and was centered on Education 4.0. Thus, the key concepts of the 21st century, such as globalization, were approached by the attendees - through the UWC International Baccalaureate program, or the Sports Scholarships in the USA of the Talento y Deporte organization - and the Digital Transformation, with Rodrigo's presentation Miranda, General Director of the Instituto Institute for Internet Development (ISDI). The President of Prosegur and its Foundation, Helena Revoredo, closed the event by encouraging students to pursue excellence and to persevere on this path of effort and improvement, with new technologies as allies.

In Portugal, 105 scholarships have been granted for the purchase of school books, 48 ​​scholarships for children of employees of university age, and 9 study aids for Company employees that combine work and training. The presentation of diplomas took place on the campus of the European University of Lisbon and was attended by Dr. Nádia Leitão, International Manager of Employability, who stressed the importance of continuing education in the face of a future career. The Talent Scholarship program has delivered more than 12,000 grants to study until 2018 in those countries where the company is present: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Singapore and Uruguay.


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