10 SEP 2020

Spain: The pilot of the "Covid Free School" challenge begins!

The solution Soocial Distance was chosen among 85 proposals from 20 countries


Spain: The pilot of the

Valencia, Sp - Coinciding with the start of the school year, has launched the pilot test of the Covid Free School Challenge, launched by the Prosegur Foundation last June. The winner of this initiative - the project Soocial Distance, from the startup Nothingbutnet - has implemented its technological proposal in the Colegio Liceo Hispano de Paterna (Valencia), in order to ensure a return to the classroom in a face-to-face and safe manner.

This solution allows the detection and positioning of each student in real time with a high precision location system. To do this, sensors have been installed in the center, along with the tags in the form of cards that are hung on the children, to control that the children maintain a safe distance between the groups "bubble", both in the classroom and in the courtyard.

In the event that users from different groups come closer than 1.5 meters, the cards emit warning vibrations. In addition, if a student were to become infected, it would be possible to trace anonymously, with which devices he has maintained close contact, allowing the school to make the pertinent communications. Thanks to the positioning data, the tool allows to extract heat maps of the most occupied areas, which helps the school to plan the use of the spaces and the disinfection tasks in a more efficient way.

With the results obtained in this pilot test, the implementation of this technology in any other educational center will be assessed. And it is that from the Prosegur Foundation we believe that the return to the classroom is essential for the overall development of students, mitigating the impact of the digital divide or to facilitate family reconciliation.


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