22 APR 2019

Paraguay: Prosegur Foundation delivers works in 2 schools

Both schools are part of “Piecitos Colorados”


Paraguay: Prosegur Foundation delivers works in 2 schools

Asunción, Par.- With the objective of offering a quality integral education to minors from vulnerable environments, the Prosegur Foundation has completed the renovation works of two of the Paraguayan centers assigned to its Piecitos Colorados Development Cooperation Program.
Thus, at Escuela Nuevo Horizonte, which educates 74 children from pre-school to 6th grade, a classroom has been delivered to the initial level. In the case of the San Jorge School, which has 39 students from the garden to the 6th grade, several improvements have been made such as the fencing of the entire property, the renovation of a pavilion composed of two classrooms and a kitchen-dining room, as well as as reforms of electrical installations.
The infrastructures improvement phase is the starting point of Piecitos Colorados' comprehensive intervention model, which also promotes other essential areas for student development, such as nutritional training, the renewal of teaching tools and methodologies and the promotion of sport.
Currently, the Piecitos Colorados program benefits more than 5,300 students in 46 schools in seven Latin American countries. In Paraguay, he has been working since 2007 and has 7 centers affiliated in different regions of the country: Sagrada Familia, Santa Catalina and San Ramón in the Central Department; New Horizon in Caaguazú; San Miguel in Concepción, Augusto Roa Bastos in Itapúa and San Jorge in Alto Paraná, impacting the quality of life of more than 1,870 students.


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