28 DEC 2018

Peru: Prosegur week

We share our expertise in Security


Peru: Prosegur week

With the aim of bringing the work of our company closer to Piecitos Colorados, we have organized for the second year the "Prosegur Week": an initiative that allows us to transfer our security know-how to schools with the support of volunteer employees.

At the Arco Iris (Jauja) and Las Vegas (Piura) schools, collaborators in the Treasury area taught children and teachers how to identify fake notes and coins. In the case of Lima, the students of the 5th year of secondary school Olimpia visited the Prosegur CASH Plant, where they were received by the General Manager, Alfredo García, who explained to them the business of "Transportation of values". In addition, the former Talent Scholar - Allison Alarcón Lluen - shared her personal testimony, becoming a benchmark for improvement for our Piecitos Colorados. As a closing, the students received a motivational talk by Víctor Ghiglione, director of Human Resources.

With this type of activity, we seek to promote volunteering to transmit knowledge from the skills of the company's professionals, as well as strengthen our brand in communities with Piecitos Colorados schools, generating shared value between company and society.


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