03 JAN 2019

Singapore: 92 Talent Grants for employees' children

It's the 8th edition of Prosegur Foundation's study aid program


Singapore: 92 Talent Grants for employees' children

The Prosegur Foundation has awarded a total of 92 study grants to the children of Singapore employees, as part of its Talent Scholarship program: an initiative that offers grants to support the studies of the Company's workers and their children, recognizing always the academic excellence and the personal effort of the students.

Valid since 2011 in this country, in 2018 the project has awarded 60 scholarships, 15 university scholarships and 17 grants for technical studies.

Scholarships Talent has delivered until 2018 more than 12,000 grants to study in 9 countries where the company is present: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Singapore and Uruguay.


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