09 OCT 2019

Robotics for our Piecitos Colorados


Robotics for our Piecitos Colorados

Thanks to the Piecitos Colorados program, students from the "Alfred Nobel" school of Las Violetas - Canelones have developed an initiation course in educational robotics with the support of Mark Robots, an initiative born from three Uruguayan entrepreneurs with the aim of introducing this subject to young people. 

During the training, the students learned notions about design and electronics, working later in the construction and programming of robots, managing to lead them by a track avoiding obstacles. This practical training has allowed them to strengthen 21st century competitive skills while developing academic capabilities in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

An action aimed at promoting the concept of Education 4.0 in the schools Piecitos Colorados, to contribute to the training of professionals of the future.


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