17 DEC 2018

Uruguay: We inaugurates the renovations at school number 12 "Feliciano Viera" of Salto

The initiative is part of the Piecitos Colorados Development Cooperation program


Uruguay: We inaugurates the renovations at school number 12

Salto, Uy.- With the objective of supporting the development and training of children and youth from vulnerable contexts in Latin America, the Prosegur Foundation has carried out refurbishment tasks in 4 classrooms of the 12th school in Salto, where a total of 134 students attend. In this first stage, ceilings have been replaced, ceilings have been built and the ventilation system has been improved in the hygienic cabinets in order to achieve an environment suitable for study.

With the rehabilitation of the school, the first of the four intervention phases contemplated by the Piecitos Colorados program is completed. The following stages will address nutritional training with the implementation of an adapted guide; the renewal of teaching tools and teaching materials, without interfering with the official curriculum; and the promotion of sports, promoting values ​​such as teamwork, healthy competition and gender equity. All these phases are implemented progressively according to the needs of each school.

Away from specific interventions and assistance, the project proposes a work in collaboration with families and faculty, as well as the active support of the community, to make possible the transformation. "Today we have 4 schools in Uruguay, around 230 students from Salto, Paysandú, Tacuarembó and Canelones. Thanks to the teamwork of families, teachers, the community and the workers of Prosegur, these children now have a quality education and better possibilities for the future, "says Augusto Aristegui, Head of Prosegur Foundation in Uruguay.

Currently, the Piecitos Colorados program benefits more than 5,300 students in 46 schools in seven Latin American countries. With the support of this school in Salto, Prosegur and its Foundation seek once again to extend its social commitment and its Corporate Responsibility initiatives to generate positive impacts for the country's progress.


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