Since 2007, Prosegur has been developing initiatives that promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into the workforce; both in our Company and in others. Because we understand that “different” abilities are just as capable of performing work with efficiency and quality.


Labour inclusion plan

In Prosegur we believe that employment is one of the main drivers for social inclusion so, since 2007, we have been undertaking a Labour Inclusion Plan for People with Intellectual Disabilities in the Company´s headquarters; both in Spain and in Latin America. The first workers were hired in Madrid (Spain) with the guidance of two pioneering companies in this field (Prodis Foundation and Aprocor Foundation) and with university students of the Promentor programme –Seat of Learning for the Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities into the Workforce; which Prodis developed at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Document digitalization

Since 2013, Prosegur and the Prosegur Foundation, thanks to the partnership established with the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation, have developed an innovative document digitization project in Spain.With this project the production processes and information management are improving, thanks to the quality of work demonstrated by its staff; consisting of 17 people with intellectual disabilities.

Special Employment Centre Aprocor-Prosegur

The Special Employment Centre (SEC*) Aprocor – Prosegur was created in 2007 with the aim of providing, through employment, a stable future for people with intellectual disabilities; taking the model of sheltered employment one step further.

This SEC is a result of the collaboration between Prosegur, its Foundation and the Aprocor Foundation. With the objective of making a sustainable long term project, it was necessary that the activity be closely related to Prosegur, and so the industrial laundry and dry cleaning centre was created.

Subsequently it has diversified its services, offering gardening staff, warehousing, advice to other SECs and increasing its customer base.

In 2011 the Centre went a step further, with a dry cleaning store open to the public, also run by employees with intellectual disabilities.

In 2014 it became the logistic warehouse for Prosegur, taking care of the storage, distribution recycling, and disposal of the Company’s uniforms in Europe.

(*) Special employment centre (SEC): enterprise in which at least 70% of its staff is made up of persons with some degree of disability equal to or greater that 33%.

(**) Sheltered employment: as defined by Spain’s Law on the Social Integration of People with Disabilities (LISMI), is employment covered by incentives or special regulations to compensate for the lower productivity of the workers concerned, the ancillary costs of employing them or the costs of establishing or maintaining sheltered employment. This scheme represents a permanent help to enable workers that experience particular difficulties in finding work to have access to and remain in the labour market, and that goes beyond the granting of aid for initial recruitment. 

In 2011 and following in the footsteps of the Special Employment Centre, Aprocor-Prosegur the CICLO training centre for people with intellectual disabilities was founded; based on the joint efforts of Prosegur and the Parents and Friends of the Disabled People of Sao Paulo Association (SP-APAE).

In this centre, students are trained to perform laundry and dry cleaning tasks so that they can subsequently enter the regular labour market. Since it opened in 2011, 67 people with intellectual disabilities have been trained in the centre and have joined various ordinary companies in Sao Paulo (Brazil).