Our initiatives are implemented in the different countries where Prosegur operates through the replication of good practices and success model


Prosegur has been working since 2007 on various initiatives that seek to promote the labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, offering a more stable future to this group through employment. Two factors are key to the success of our program: the strategic alliances with the best specialists in inclusion and the offer of necessary jobs with real content, which guarantee their sustainability over time


Labour inclusion plan

Based on the methodology of Supported Employment and the advice of specialized institutions in the field, our Work Inclusion Plan for people with intellectual disabilities allows us to integrate different talent into our headquarters to form better teams. The first incorporation was made in Madrid in 2007 and, over the years, the experience has been replicated in other Spanish cities and Latin American countries. The consolidation of this initiative in the different geographies is due to an intervention model that puts the accent on the sustainability of the projects and the stability of the jobs. Currently the Plan is developed in: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain and Peru.

Its implementation is also based on the following premises: the support of the entire organizational structure of the company, its awareness and the advice of specialized entities in the field of inclusion.

Document digitalization

This initiative, launched in 2013 in Madrid (Spain), exemplifies the generation of shared value between company and society. His approach arises from the need to manage the large amount of paper generated by a multinational such as Prosegur. The employees of this department have been trained in sorting, filing and scanning documents. Besides contributing to the labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, this project -responsible with the environment- allows a more efficient management of processes, achieving greater control over the available documentation and the traceability of its use.

After confirming the good results obtained in Spain, the project has already been replicated in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. In this way, Prosegur reaffirms its commitment to labor inclusion of people with different skills and the modernization of its processes and operations globally, through digitalization.

Special Employment Centre

The Special Employment Center * Aprocor - Prosegur was launched in 2007 (Madrid, Spain) thanks to the collaboration of both entities, to promote an initiative aimed at the employment of people with intellectual disabilities, which was sustainable and had permanence in time.

The Center started its activity oriented to the tasks of laundry and industrial dry cleaning, including also the process of recycling and destruction of garments. Thanks to the efficiency of its management, in 2014 it becomes the Center for Consolidation and Merge of Goods of Prosegur at a European level.

Following in the footsteps of the Aprocor-Prosegur CEE, in 2011 the CICLO training center for people with intellectual disabilities was set up, which was born out of the partnership between Prosegur and the Association of Parents and Friends of the Disabled in São Paulo (Brazil). In this center students are trained in the usual tasks of a laundry dry cleaning, with the aim of training young people with different skills in the field of industrial laundry, for their subsequent insertion in ordinary companies.

(*) A Special Employment Center (CEE) is a company in which at least 70% of its workforce is composed of people with some type of disability equal to or greater than 33%.