Piecitos Colorados

Our Development Cooperation program benefits more than 5,540 students in seven Latin American countries

Origin and Motivation

Our project has a very special origin that dates back to 2006, when a group of employees from Argentina learned about the difficult situation of some rural schools in the country. Centers with serious deficiencies in their infrastructure and basic services (without water or toilets), located in isolated areas and whose students had to walk for miles to attend class. His feet - through his old shoes - were stained with the red dirt of the road, so his teachers called them affectionately "little red feet".

The local support to these schools constituted the germ of this porgamra of integral character that the Prosegur Foundation professionalized and extended to the rest of the countries of Latin America where our company operates. Prosegur's own employees - involved in the project - became direct witnesses of the improvements.

With the rehabilitation of the schools and basic services, the application of nutritional programs, the educational improvement and the sensitization of the families, Piecitos Colorados seeks to combat school drop-out, as well as to promote the development of the communities where it is implemented.

Our Schools

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Intervention phases

New infrastructure

New infrastructure

We improve or rebuild the infrastructures in order to achieve a suitable environment for educational development and optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions.

Nutritional training

Nutritional training

We promote healthy habits through training and the best use of the resources of their environment, with the advice of the NGO Nutrition Without Borders.

Educational improvement

Educational improvement

Without interfering with official study plans, we support the renewal of teaching tools and teaching materials, facilitating access to new technologies.

Promotion of sport

Promotion of sport

We promote the practice of sports in order to enhance the physical development of students, as well as educate in the values ​​of teamwork, effort and healthy competitiveness.

Creativity as a driver of change

Fundación Prosegur and Fundación Amigos Museo del Prado join forces to bring art to underprivileged schools in Latin America, with the support of company volunteers

The classrooms of 31 educational centers attached to the Piecitos Colorados Development Cooperation program of the Prosegur Foundation, received in 2017 very special teachers: 100 employees of the company transformed into art educators to boost the creative abilities of the students. The masterpieces of the Prado Museum have been the vehicle used by this pioneering initiative that, in addition to awakening interest in art, has enhanced the cultural heritage of each community and has reinforced the self-esteem of a total of 1,500 children in environments vulnerable groups in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

HOW? The project has been structured around an ART INITIATION COURSE of four sessions in the classroom, consisting of providing students with a space-time journey to open up new sensations and ideas that expand their cultural horizons.

To become art educators, the Friends Foundation of the Prado Museum has edited specific materials (videos, presentations and Training Guide) for the prior training of volunteers. Its solidarity response to this challenge - differential feature of the project - has exceeded all expectations, adding professional profiles of all business units and support.

Adapting the language to their reality and providing a great deal of empathy, the volunteers have applied continuous improvement tools during the course, such as the teacher's self-assessment or satisfaction surveys for the students.


IMPACT: The project has generated value in all the agents involved. At the didactic level, it has had a double educational impact on volunteers and students, but it has not stopped there. The initiative has worked transversally as necessary aspects as trust, multiple intelligences, imagination or critical thinking. In addition, schools have found in it a trigger to reinforce their identity, including visiting museums and local art centers. Thus, for the first time, most of these little red feet have set foot in a gallery. An experience of personal enrichment that continues today.

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