Piecitos in Brazil

Schools of Brasil

752 piecitos colorados in 7 schools in Minas Gerais (2), Pouso Alegre, Aguas Lindas, Manaos, Río de Janeiro, Pernambuco and Santa María.

Incorporated in 2011, 7 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Precarious conditions in the kitchen, roof, toilets and floors. Electrical installations in bad condition.

Current situation: 

  • The facilities have been improved and, as part of the volunteer actions 'Todos Somos Piecitos Colorados', the whole school has been painted.
  • In 2013 we began the nutritional stage to improve the quality of daily food for children and their families. In addition, the educational center has a productive vertical garden.

Incorporated in 2011, 18 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Class room in very precarious condition. Toilets and water well needed urgent repair.

Current situation: 

  • It works together with headquarters 1 of the Lizeta Ferreira de Oliveira school.
  • An Environmental Day was held where the children had the opportunity to learn to respect the environment.
  • Our volunteers were present at the commemoration of Mother's Day and shared, through talks, the importance of education.
  • Following the example of headquarters 1, we also started the nutritional stage with the delivery of a balance. In addition, they have a dining room and an organic vegetable garden.

Incorporated into the project in 2011, 98 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Big infrastructure defects.

Current situation

  • In 2013, reconstruction and painting work was carried out on the school's infrastructures.
  • Within the nutritional training phase of the project, they have launched the Nutritional Guide and have a small garden, planned to expand during this year.
  • The Prosegur volunteers delivered the school kits (backpacks and pencils) to the students at the beginning of the school year.
  • The Course of Art Initiation of the Prado Museum has been implemented.

Incorporated into the project in 2013, 85 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: The water well needed to be rehabilitated and a library, a pantry to complement the kitchen and a games area had to be built.

Current situation: 

  • In 2013, our Prosegur volunteers painted the school and, in addition, participated in the promotion of the Environmental Day, in which they talked about the importance of the environment and its conservation.
  • They have a fully renovated dining room and an organic garden.
  • In commemoration of Children's Day, the school took the children to the cinema for the first time. The result inside and outside the classroom is in the smile of each one of them.

Incorporated into the project in 2013, 42 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Precarious building (school completely made of wood). It has only one class room where infants and primary school classes are taught. There is no electricity or drinking water.

Current situation:

  • In 2014, improvements were made to the school's infrastructure. The classrooms were enlarged and renovated and, in addition, the bathrooms and the entire electrical sanitary installation were built from scratch, since before they did not exist.
  • A drinking water well was also built to guarantee the health of the children, and an ecological vegetable garden.
  • Currently, they have a library and a dining room completely renovated.

Incorporated into the project in 2013, 154 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Precarious condition.

Current situation:

  • Realized a deep reform due to the conditions of the scholastic center, two new classrooms, kitchen and baths were constructed.
  • On the initiative of the school itself, a library and a dance and karate room were created, seeking to offer extra-academic activities to keep students away from the streets.
  • With the permanent collaboration of the volunteers from Rio de Janeiro, cultural outings, book collections and the construction of a vertical garden have been carried out.
  • The project of Introduction to Art was developed in 2017 (next to the Prado Museum).



Incorporated into the project in 2015, 256 children are taught there

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Inadequate and precarious conditions for carrying out school activities.

Current situation:

  • Inaugurated in the second quarter of 2017, the rehabilitation of the building divided into two stages given the scope of the same. Thus, demolition and construction work was carried out in some areas, enabling areas in disuse and repairing all the electrical part that represented a risk for the educational community.
  • Since its inauguration and thanks to the great volunteer work of the Prosegur Group, this school has implemented the Art Initiation project (next to the Prado Museum), sports events, cultural outings, motivational talks and accident prevention and safety days, between others

Incorporated in 2017 educates 92 children

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: precarious school built entirely in wood more than 30 years ago for not having received adequate maintenance not responding to the needs of the students. Due to the weather and the extreme climatic conditions the structure was compromised without possibility of reuse.

Current situation:

  • Signed the agreement with the prefecture of the city in 2017.
  • Start of construction of a new school in August 2018.
  • Inauguration first quarter of 2019.