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Piecitos Colorados

Schools of Chile

210 piecitos colorados in 3 school in Talca, Molco y Pirque

Incorporated in 2012, 78 children are taught there. Rural area.

Location: Talca Province, rural area in the Valle Central, VII Región del Maulé.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Serious infrastructure shortcomings in general. The school had serious problems as regards its toilets, which were not suitable to cater for all the school children.

Socio-economic characteristics: Families with temporary employment in agriculture and a low basic academic level. 29% of the students have learning problems.

Current situation:

  • In the year 2013, the reconstructions for the improvement of the sanitary facilities in the School.
  • Prosegur foundation has contributed to the improvement of recreational areas in the School, as well as of some classrooms which was supported by the grating of audiovisual equipment to contribute in the educational methoodology. 
  • Pupils at the Santa Marta School are continuously taking part in dance and music events that showcase the country’s peasant culture.
  • Along with the educational community, parents, students, and teachers, Corporative Volunteering Journeys have taken place,  to improve the surroundings of the school as well as the building's  exterior.

Incorporated in 2012, 46 children are taught there. Mountainous area.

Location: Molco, municipality of Lonoche, Cautín Province, IX Región de la Araucanía.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Installations in very bad condition. There were no toilets for pupils nor any recreation space for winter months.

Socio-economic characteristics: About 90% of the children attending the school are members of indigenous people groups. The main economic activity is livestock breeding (sheep and cows), agriculture, forestry, wood agro-industry and the milk trade. Families are very much involved in the school community. The Molco area has no daily public transport.

Current situation:

  • At the end of the year 2012, the improvement Works begun, ending the following year, 2013, with better sanitary facilities.
  • Moreover, the space used for sports/cultural activities was improved by enhancing the condition of the infrastructure. As a result, children can now pursue sports and artistic activities on a daily basis.
  • Some volunteer work has been undertaken, throught the years, as part of the We Are All Piecitos Colorados actions.

Incorporated in 2014, 86 children are taught there (8 in the intregation porgramme). Rural area

Location: Cordillera province, south of the Metropolitan Area.

Characteristics of the infrastructure: it is a very old school. Until 2010 it only had two poorly built classrooms made of wood for students of four grades. After the earthquake two classrooms were built which were divided in order to have one for each grade. The classrooms are badly ventilated and are not weatherproof.

Present situation

  • The first stage of the Project – improving the infrastructure – will be completed once the sanitary facilities are rebuilt, the outdoor yard paved and the security improved.
  • The work that is being carried out in the sanitary facilities at present will be completed in March at the beginning of the 2015 school year.