Piecitos in Chile

Schools of Chile

400 piecitos colorados in 4 school in Talca, Molco, Pirque and Poconchile

Incorporated in 2012, 74 children are taught there.

Initial situation: The school did not have adequate hygienic services and recreation and recreation areas did not offer security guarantees. The institution did not have support elements such as projector, audio equipment and internet to facilitate the development of the materials.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: The hygienic services were completely improved. The classrooms have the optimal furniture and infrastructure for the students. A space for the work of teachers with students with learning problems was reconditioned.
  • Nutritional Training: During the year 2019 we will carry out the diagnostic survey in the students of the school
  • Educational Improvement: Equipment has been delivered to facilitate the work between teachers and students (projectors, audio equipment and support materials); in addition to subsidizing the connection to the internet network. Pedagogical outings have been facilitated and promoted, visiting Museums and Universities of nearby regions. Prosegur volunteers have carried out the Art Initiation Course workshops, and the students have participated in the Entrepreneurship project Awakens, Creates, Transforms the Environment. A Robotics workshop has also been developed as a means for students to learn “playing”, contents associated with Mathematics, Science and Technology.
  • Promotion of Sport: We have provided elements for the physical conditioning of students, in addition to cooperating with the completion of the Family Run.


Incorporated in 2012, 36 children are taught there.

Initial situation: Given the building characteristics of the region, this is a school built in wood. The classrooms did not have heating or adequate furniture for the work of students and teachers; the health services were in a precarious state. They did not have a library or computer room, the recreational areas were devoid of security.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: Adaptation of the hygienic services was carried out, heaters were installed and the classrooms were adapted with the furniture. A space dedicated to the school library and for teachers' work was built. The inner courtyard was improved for recreational and sports activities.
  • Nutritional training: During the year 2019 we will carry out the diagnostic survey in the students of the school.
  • Educational Improvement: Pedagogical outings have been facilitated and promoted, visiting Museums and Universities of nearby Regions. Prosegur volunteers have conducted workshops of the Art Initiation Course. In addition, training in Entrepreneurship and Security has been carried out, strengthening the relationship with the community. It has been equipped with projectors, audio equipment and support materials for students and teachers. And they have gifted books for the library.
  • Promotion of Sport: Workshops have been developed with students and acquired elements for physical conditioning. 

Incorporated in 2014, 170 children are taught there. 

Initial situation: It did not have optimal hygienic services. Recreational areas unsafe and in poor condition. Problems in the electricity grid, causing successive power outages. They had no furniture suitable for academic development.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: Adaptation of the hygienic services, improvement of the electricity network, new rooms were built and the existing ones were refurbished adapting floors, lighting and furniture. Recreational spaces were conditioned in order to avoid accidents.
  • Nutritional Training: Together with Prosegur volunteers and parents of the students, the school garden was built. During the year we will execute the diagnostic survey on students / family in order to carry out the Nutrition Guide.
  • Educational Improvement: The Art Initiation Course has been carried out. Pedagogical visits have been made to strengthen the contents in Science, Arts and History. It has been equipped with elements that reinforce the new teaching methodologies through the use of projectors, audio equipment and support materials. Training sessions on School Safety have been developed thanks to the support of Prosegur volunteers. We are currently developing Initiation workshops in Robotics.
  • Promotion of Sport: Zumba Kids and Family Days have been held, promoting the practice of sport as a means to have a healthy life.


Incorporated in 2017, educates 120 children

Initial situation: At the time of the arrival of the Prosegur Foundation, it was in a regular state. With a deficit in the electrical system, he continuously suffered cuts, keeping the classrooms without lighting; Insufficient and poor health services. In the case of recreation spaces, they are in poor condition.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: The improvement of the electrical system has been prioritized, in classrooms, dining room and sports multi-court.
  • Educational Improvement: During the year 2019, we will run Art Initiation Course.
  • Promotion of Sport: In July, along with the support of the Volunteers of the Prosegur Arica Delegation, “La Corrida de los Valles”, in order to strengthen IE's sports initiative.