Piecitos in Chile

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210 piecitos colorados in 3 school in Talca, Molco y Pirque

Incorporated in 2012, 74 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Serious infrastructure shortcomings in general. The school had serious problems as regards its toilets, which were not suitable to cater for all the school children.

Current situation:

  • The recreational spaces and classrooms of the school have been improved, equipped with audiovisual equipment with internet access.
  • The exterior facade of the school has been painted and, currently, they have a school garden.
  • The entire educational community, parents, students and teachers, plus collaborators of the Prosegur branch in Talca, have held corporate volunteering days within the program Somos Somos Piecitos Colorados with the aim of improving the school's environment

Incorporated in 2012, 34 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Installations in very bad condition. There were no toilets for pupils nor any recreation space for winter months.

Current situation:

  • Works have been carried out to improve infrastructures, sanitary facilities, etc.
  • It has contributed to the improvement of the classrooms by installing a heating system in each classroom, since the town is characterized by low temperatures.
  • In addition, they have a school garden, library, audiovisual equipment and a covered internal patio to carry out physical activities.
  • Prosegur volunteering activities have been carried out as part of the Todos Somos Piecitos Colorados program, such as the Book Campaigns, in order to collaborate with the library; the celebration of Children's Day and the Winter Campaign

Incorporated in 2014, 169 children are taught there. 

Characteristics of the infrastructure: it is a very old school. Until 2010 it only had two poorly built classrooms made of wood for students of four grades. After the earthquake two classrooms were built which were divided in order to have one for each grade. The classrooms are badly ventilated and are not weatherproof.

Present situation

  • The first phase of the project - improvement of the infrastructure - has concluded with the rehabilitation of the hygienic services, the paving of the outdoor patio and the reinforcement of security.
  • All classrooms have a space for library and audiovisual equipment. In addition, the staff rooms have been improved and differential school support rooms have been built.
  • They currently have a school garden.
  • After 2 years of intervention, we have managed to get the educational team to join all our activities.