Piecitos in Paraguay

Schools of Paraguay

1755 piecitos colorados in  schools Asunción, Capiatá, J. Augusto Saldivar, Capitán Miranda, Concepción, Caaguazú and Alto Paraná.

Incorporated into the project in 2007, 544 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Lack of space in which to give classes to all school grades, as well as a shortage of class furniture, books and teaching materials. Need for advice on food and nutrition matters for pupils.

Current situation:

  • Since its incorporation Piecitos Colorados, the teaching staff, students, directors and parents have a greater motivation, which is reflected in the time they devote to both classes and studies.
  • Furniture for the classrooms was delivered and a computer room was built, equipped with 10 computers, and a series of rooms for the degree, address and secretariat. Initially, a teacher was hired to teach computer classes. In addition, 10 kits were delivered with tools to repair PCs, a computer for the library server and 11 computers completely disassembled for students to learn how to assemble, configure and connect in networks the Computer Lab as a Final Degree Project.
  • They received books and other didactic materials for the library, such as a projector, an audio system and screens.
  • To encourage sports, sports teams were handed out and the playground and sports ground was paved with the help of Prosegur volunteers. T
  • he Course of Art Initiation of the Prado Museum has been implemented in which 110 children have participated.

Incorporated into the project in 2008, 230 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Poor school that receives very little government aid. The school needed toilets for boys and girls, a proper space for sports activities, a lunch room and an equipped computer room.

Current situation:

  • The number of children enrolled in the school has tripled since the incorporation of the educational center to the Piecitos Colorados program.
  • A dining room and two modern sexed bathrooms were built, and the playground was equipped with sports equipment such as footballs, volleyball and basketball.
  • A library for students and teachers was built and equipped with a computer, a printer, reading books and sorting bins. In addition, computers, tables, chairs and printers with Internet connection were delivered to set up the computer room.
  • The school has a playground area suitable for children to play.
  • Within the educational improvement phase, in 2014 the school received the visit of 2 volunteers from the ExE Foundation, who worked for 1 month with the faculty and students of the institution.
  • The Course of Art Initiation of the Prado Museum has been implemented, in which 41 third-cycle students have participated.

Incorporated in 2008, 491 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: A school in appalling condition with the roofs full of leaks and damp walls. There is a latent risk to pupil safety (one of the class rooms has a roof that is about to collapse due to a breakage in one of the rafters). Lack of proper toilets for the number of pupils, as well as a decent lunch room.

Current situation:

  • A kitchen-dining room, sexed bathrooms, a computer room with computers, printers and internet connection were built, and all the classrooms were upgraded, including improvements in the electrical installation and air conditioning.
  • In 2009, school kits with supplies were delivered to all students in the school. In addition, they received furniture to condition the library, such as cabinets, chairs, desks and other educational materials such as a television and a projector, among others.
  • Within the educational improvement phase, in 2015 they received the visit of 2 volunteers from the ExE Foundation, who worked for 1 month with the faculty and students of the institution.
  • In 2016, several educational workshops were held: healthy eating, aimed at mothers and students; HIV and evacuation and fire prevention.
  • A total of 147 sixth-grade and third-cycle students are participating in the first sessions of the Art Initiation Workshop at the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Incorporated into the project in 2009, 31 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Wooden classrooms, without electrical installation, toilets in poor condition and without access to drinking water. It was necessary to reform the roof, make classrooms of material and build a fence that delimited the center.

Current situation:

  • The school has been rehabilitated with classrooms, modern bathrooms, and improvements in electrical and water installations. In addition, furniture and appliances were delivered.
  • The school also received complete computer equipment, whose installation was in charge of the employees of Prosegur, with the aim of supporting the training process of the minors, many of whom had access to a computer for the first time in their lives. Currently, they have 10 teams. In addition, tools were delivered to improve their garden.
  • They received more furniture and didactic material for the library, such as reading books and, to encourage the practice of sport, sports equipment, such as football goals, basketball baskets and balls.
  • The center has a playground for the development of recreational activities. Since 2014, teachers have been hired so that students can access computer classes, crafts and physical education.

Incorporated into the project in 2011, 350 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Building with more than 5 years old, with a great deterioration. In addition to the needs of reform and the construction of a play area for children, it was necessary to renovate the furniture and the library, among others.

Current situation:

  • The institution is attended by students from different nearby communities, so the annual enrollment increases every year.
  • Classrooms were built and the pavilion's infrastructure was maintained in order to ensure the safety of the children. Thus, the school has an adequate space for sports and a playground with several games.
  • Several volunteer actions have been carried out - Todos Somos Piecitos Colorados - in which employees of the Concepción delegation, parents, teachers and students worked on the construction of the school garden. In addition, the services of a professional were hired to work with the parents of the community and teach all the students of first, second and third cycle how to care for and maintain the garden.
  • 6 computers were delivered with all the accessories and with internet connection for 1 year, a next-generation printer and a television. In addition, a teacher was hired to teach computer classes for 3 months. T
  • he school was equipped with sports equipment, such as bows, nets and balls for football, basketball and volleyball; as well as utensils for the kitchen, such as scales, tallimeters with base and twelve wooden cabinets to support the Nutritional Guide.
  • We have 3 scholarship students who are enjoying the Prosegur Talent Scholarships.

Incorporated in 2016, 72 children are taught in Caaguazú.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: The school had 5 classrooms in very poor condition. They did not have tile roofs or the proper electrical installation. The school had 2 bathrooms for both sexes in terrible condition.

Current situation:

  • The school is in the process of rehabilitation: the perimeter fence of the property and the construction of two new classrooms have already been completed. In addition, they have an organic garden.
  • The students have already received the school kits, with pencil holders, colored pencils and backpacks.
  • In total, 26 second-cycle students have begun the Art Museum of the Prado.

Incorporated into the project in 2017, it educates 44 students.