Piecitos in Peru

Schools of Peru

828 piecitos colorados in 3 schools in Cusco, Jauja, Lima, Puno y Piura.

Incorporated in 2011, 178 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Health services deteriorated and insufficient for all children. Adobe classrooms and deteriorated by the rain. Absence of outdoor spaces for the promotion of sports activities.

Current situation:

  • Since 2011, the school has hygienic services differentiated by gender, a new classroom for first grade children and a fully equipped kitchen with a large warehouse.
  • With the help of the parents, the school's vegetable garden has been implemented.
  • A classroom has been enabled and equipped, making it a reading space for children. In addition, they have a computer room with computers and XO donated by the Ministry with an internet connection.
  • The Nutritional Guide for better control of children's eating habits has been set in motion.
  • The students have participated in the Course of Art Initiation of the Prado Museum.


Incorporated into the project in 2013, 140 children are taught there.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: School with scarce bathrooms and in poor condition. The number of classrooms was insufficient, which caused overcrowding conditions. There was no perimeter fence, which exposed the students to various dangers.

Current situation:

  • A perimeter fence has been built to surround the entire school.
  • Construction of two classrooms: one for the sixth grade students and another for the first level of secondary school; as well as a reading space conditioned with books and didactic material.
  • They have a computer room with internet connection as well as several spaces for the practice and promotion of sports.

Incorporated in 2016, 300 children are taught in Lima.

Characteristics of the infrastructure found: Secondary level classrooms built with thin walls of plywood (thin pressed wood) and corrugated roof, materials that provoke extreme temperatures inside the classrooms. They had only one bathroom for primary and secondary students.

Current situation:

  • The Nutritional Guide has been implemented as a measure of control and monitoring of children's eating habits.
  • Currently, several classrooms are being built for students at the secondary level.
  • The students have taken the Art Initiation Course of the Prado Museum.

Incorporated in 2017, 49 children are taught in Puno.

Incorporated in 2017, 161 children are taught in Piura