Piecitos in Uruguay

Schools in Uruguay

365 piecitos colorados in 4 schools: Canelones, Paysandú, Tacuarembó y Salto.

Incorporated in 2009, 88 children are taught there.

Initial situation: The classrooms were small for the number of students attending the educational institution. The school furniture was very worn and insufficient. There was water filtration through the ceiling and toilets in very bad condition.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure was transformed in an integral way by means of the construction of a new hall and a sports field, in addition to the remodeling of hygienic cabinets and ceilings, achieving an adequate space for education.
  • Nutritional Training: A greenhouse was also built. Since 2016, the chapters of the Nutrition Training Guide have been worked on and workshops with a nutritionist for the entire educational community: children, parents and teachers.
  • Educational Improvement: In this institution, several projects related to agronomy, science and the promotion of reading have been introduced. Since 2017 the Art Initiation Course was developed and they have received workshops by the international plastic artist Agó Paez Vilaró.
  • Sports Promotion: The school has been supported by a physical education teacher so that all children attend classes weekly.

Incorporated in 2010, 12 children are taught there.

Initial situation: The infrastructure was with various damages, with problems of humidity and deterioration in the walls. The hygienic cabinets were outside the structure and there were also problems with waterproofing the roof and facade.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: Works have been developed to remodel the main hall, waterproof the walls and ceilings, a disused room was transformed into a reading and games room. The perimeter was fenced by the wiring of the property and the school was electrified by installing solar panels under the “Lights to learn” program together with the Elecnor Foundation.
  • Educational Improvement: Workshops have been held with the children and their parents; they have made didactic trips to the capital of the country; They have developed science projects and participated in different Piecitos Colorados Science Fairs.
  • Sports Promotion: We have promoted sports practice by financing a physical education teacher who gives classes weekly. Since 2018, he has supported the transfer of all children to a sports center in the departmental capital for swimming.

Incorporated in 2010, 119 children are taught there.

Initial situation: The infrastructure of the educational institution was in need of expanding the space for teaching classes. It had a deterioration of the pipes, the hygienic cabinets and the electrical system.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: The building of the educational institution is in good condition. A hall for artistic activities and another hall as a science laboratory were built. The electrical and sanitary system were also improved.
  • Nutritional Training: A school garden was built with food production for the educational community and they work in composting.
  • Educational Improvement: Since 2017, the Art Initiation Course has been carried out, cross-level science work is carried out in all grades and it began with educational robotics. Students have participated in the Awake, Create and Transform the Environment Program with the Créate Foundation in entrepreneurship projects.

Incorporated into the project in 2018, it educates 146 students

Initial situation: The building was very damaged as it was an infrastructure of the early twentieth century. Moisture problems were found in several rooms, the need for roof replacement, interior gallery remodeling, room closing and thermal and sound adaptation. In addition, the ventilation system in the hygienic cabinets had to be remodeled and the electrical installation readjusted and septic tank and drains constructed.

Current situation:

  • Infrastructure: The building of the educational institution is being remodeled. The first stage has been completed where roofs were replaced in two rooms, ceilings were placed in another three, sheet metal gutters were installed and the roofs in the roofed galleries with the corresponding storm drain system ,. The ventilation system of the bathrooms was also modified with new openings in the hygienic cabinets.
  • Educational improvement: The Art Initiation Course and the nutritional information survey will begin.