Corporate Volunteering

The value of yellow is reflected in the spirit of solidarity among employees: good professionals who are also committed to their surroundings

Prosegur volunteers are those employees who decide to responsibly invest part of their free time to initiatives undertaken by the Fundación Prosegur - in the field of education, disabled persons’ integration and accident prevention and safety - and who are interested in satisfying their caring vocation and thereby contribute to development and awareness goals.

Volunteering in Escuelas Piecitos

Consequently, this initiative is addressed to the over 150,000 Company employees, who can present candidate schools, collaborate in collections set up in some countries to cover the purchase of food and books, propose initiatives that serve to enhance the project and take part in specific volunteer activities at our schools (painting walls, planting and tending to kitchen gardens, building greenhouses, etc.).

Volunteers and inclusion

Through the auspices of the Fundación Deporte y Desafío activities are organised in different cities around Spain to afford an opportunity to Prosegur employees, along with their families, to take part as volunteers in adapted sports days for children and adults with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities.

Prosegur uses these events to make people aware of diversity and encourage values such as respect and tolerance. Moreover, it supports the work of an institution the aim of which is to socially integrate people with physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities through sport.

In collaboration with the Red Cross, we have set up an accident prevention and introduction to first-aid programme run outside work hours by Prosegur operators - and Red Cross volunteers - at educational centres in Madrid.

This initiative has seen Company guard volunteers become “teachers” in matters related to their speciality: security. The pupils: students from 6th grade primary and 4th grade secondary school, as well as teachers and parents, receive training in accident prevention and an introduction to first-aid.

Prosegur is thus responding to an internal demand, the undertaking of volunteer actions in Spain, affording those employees with a vocation to take part while at the same time dignifying their profession as security guards.

This corporate volunteer initiative was developed in the period 2006-2011, with the aim of employees from Europe traveling to Latin America to learn about and participate in the different social action projects of the Foundation.
The volunteers - from Spain, France and Portugal - spent a week of their holidays living this solidarity experience, joining the local teams to work in the field. Among the activities carried out, the collaboration with the TECHO NGO stood out in the construction of emergency housing that serves as the first housing solution for families without resources.
Throughout its six editions, a total of 240 European employees had the opportunity to travel to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru and contribute their work to improve the living conditions of less favored groups.
Continuing with this experience, in Argentina annual solidarity trips are organized to the Piecitos Colorados schools among the staff that collaborates with the nutritional collection for the centers. Thus, the selected employees travel to different delegations with schools under their charge, to collaborate with other colleagues in the improvement of the quality of life of the minors.