Corporate Volunteering

We encourage the participation of employees of the company in different solidarity actions, thus supporting their social commitment.

The actions - focused on our fields of action and carried out both in Spain and in Latin America - highlight the "Value of Yellow": the solidarity of Prosegur professionals who are committed to their environment.

Volunteering in Piecitos Schools

The strong connection of the staff with the Piecitos Colorados schools is one of the essential features of our project and also the attribute that gives our intervention model a unique character.

It is the employees themselves who can present candidate schools to the program, and participate actively in the various volunteer activities. These are oriented to the transmission of knowledge, the improvement of infrastructures, educational workshops, construction of orchards and greenhouses for self-consumption, etc. In addition, our volunteers are involved in the organization of sports and environmental days in schools, as well as recreational activities and cultural visits for children to interact with their environment impacting their integral education.

Volunteers and inclusion

Our institution carries out a program of solidarity activities -both in Spain and in Latin America- to promote the social inclusion of people with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities.

Thanks to the participation of the volunteer employees and their families it has been possible to carry out integrative days of varied themes (adapted sport, theater, painting and cooking, geocaching or eco-trekking), forming a team with people with disabilities in a normalized environment and of leisure.

All the days are made in collaboration with entities and associations specialized in this group.

Transmission of knowledge

With the aim of improving education in vulnerable environments, Prosegur employees share their professional and personal experiences with high school students, serving as an example and motivation to continue their studies. Thus, some of the company's professionals have collaborated with Fundación Empieza por Educar (ExE) in its "One day in the classroom" and Matchbox Talks initiatives, giving inspiring talks to new generations.