Art comes to Piecitos

Creativity as a driver of change

Boosting the capacity to create that we all carry within us, while highlighting the cultural heritage of each region. With this ambitious objective in mind, the first Introductory Art Course was launched in 2017, with the help of the Prado Museum, with some very special teachers: 100 Company employees became educators, teaching 1,500 pupils from 31 schools. The Museum's masterpieces are the vehicle used by this pioneering initiative, still active in these centres, to boost children's imagination and reinforce their self-esteem. Two essential levers of its development, to which we have added new artistic experiences.

How do we do it?

The project is articulated around an ART INITIATION COURSE of four classroom sessions, consisting of providing students with a spatio-temporal journey to open them to new sensations and ideas that expand their cultural horizons.

A seed that continues to grow

The project has generated value for all actors involved. At the didactic level, it has had a double educational impact on volunteers and pupils, but it has not stopped there. The initiative works transversally on essential aspects such as confidence, multiple intelligences, imagination and critical thinking. In addition, schools have found it a trigger to reinforce their identity, including visits to local museums and art centres. This is the first stem most of these Piecitos have set foot in a gallery. A transformative experience that continues to live on in schools.

Discover this journey!

"The school opened its doors to the Prado Museum, which in turn opened many other doors, allowing the students' lives to be enriched. And we continue learning together with them"- Argentine Volunteer.

The magical world of animation

The interest in art generated by this course has led to new initiatives in the schools that continue to promote the creativity of the students. This is the case of the project in collaboration with the Asociación Civil Animando Vidas de Argentina, which links artistic expression with human values and technology. Students are introduced to the world of animation and stop-motion, using tools and methodologies that are not usually within their reach, thus bridging the digital divide. These experiential workshops allow them to develop their creative side, explore audiovisual languages and encourage collaborative work in the classroom.

Why did Munch scream?

Comics and animation workshop