Committed to Education 5.0

The road to digitalisation

The pandemic that broke out in 2020 further highlighted the lack of connectivity and technological devices in the environments where Piecitos schools are located. A problem that we were already addressing, and that we had to prioritise because the digital divide was widening the education divide. And we did so with a profound process of adaptation, promoting digitalisation and at the same time offering tools for the continuity of training where technology did not reach. The goal: leave no pupil behind.

Personas mostrando el regalo recibido de un pc

Bridging the digital divide

To support students with fewer resources, we have launched a campaign to donate computers, tablets and mobile phones in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. An initiative we carry out with the collaboration of our IT departments, who refurbish the company's disused devices to give them a second life in the hands of students.

Accompanying change and collaborative work

With the aim of strengthening the digital skills of Piecitos Colorados teachers, we have carried out tutorials and training in technological tools, to support them in the management of platforms for online communication with their students. This knowledge enables them not only to monitor pupils at home, but also to enhance networking with other teachers and to develop new teaching content.

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Enhancing competencies