Environmental Awareness

The fate of the planet is "in your hands"

For this reason, our Environmental Education initiatives in Spain focus on raising children's awareness of the importance of sustainable development, the correct management of resources and their active role in caring for the environment. Concepts that, learned from childhood, will enhance their social awareness and ecological thinking, and will stay with them for life.

Grupo de personas en una playa

Clean Planet Mission

With a partnership with the City Council of San Roque (Cádiz) in 2014 and 2015, the Playa Limpia (Clean Beach) and Campo Limpio (Clean Camp)​initiatives were carried out to raise awareness on taking care of our coasts and rural areas through recycling workshops at local schools and beaches.

Efforts that evolved in 2016 by incorporating new technologies into awareness-raising. This is how Planeta Limpio, an environmental education programme aimed at students between 8 and 12 years of age, was created in partnership with LEGO® Education and its hands-on methodology. Students develop skills such as flexibility, teamwork and critical thinking while solving missions to take care of their environment, with the help of robots. To date, more than 8,000 children have taken part in the various training activities.

The phases of the project

Planeta Limpio (Clean Planet) is a comprehensive programme that brings together a series of activities that take place in schools during the school year, complemented by awareness-raising days open to the public. The goal: gain knowledge about waste management, its impact on the planet and how to be more efficient in this area. Smart identification, sorting and reuse.

Profesora enseñando a niñas a programar

Classroom Workshop

Students become engineers for a day, programming robots with tablets to tackle an environmental challenge. These activities allow them to innovate, be creative and develop their talents in a collaborative way. Through experimentation, they understand and internalise concepts better.

Dibujo de un barco

Network Challenge

After the classroom session, students have to identify a problem in their environment related to environmental care and come up with a creative solution. The teams' work is uploaded to the programme's website, where the most innovative proposals are awarded.

Maquetas sobre una mesa

Days open to the public

In order to raise awareness in society, we carry out activities open to the public during the summer. These include playful workshops for children and a massive day, where participants build their solution to a common theme with thousands of Lego pieces, which are put together to form a collective work.