My name is Wilson Benítez and I am a volunteer at the Piecitos school in Misiones (Argentina)

Since joining Prosegur in 2001 as an Armoured Unit Custodian, I have been advancing in the company and held various positions. I am now a Risk Management Assistant.

While looking for schools to join Piecitos Colorados in 2007, the company opted to incorporate "Escuela Provincial No. 800", a school in El Dorado (Misiones Province). At that time, I remember spending long days travelling in the armoured lorry along part of National Route 12, where the school is located, and so I constantly saw the school, its children and their teachers.

I am one of the few employees who have seen the school before and after the infrastructure works. I remember that when I first entered school, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness and sadness, because I could not believe how so much inequality could exist in the 21st century. I saw a building made of wooden planks, which was not only exposed to the cold, but also to the dangerous insects of the region. It lacked proper toilets and a decent kitchen, and most of the pupils looked malnourished.

From that moment on, my purpose was to do whatever I could to help in this programme that the company was initiating. A group of colleagues came together, and we did our part as volunteers.a group among our colleagues and did our bit as volunteers. Since then, I have been part of a team that brings food bought with the proceeds from the Colecta Nutricional food bank; the rucksacks, trainers and supplies that the Prosegur Foundation delivers at the beginning of each year; and even the toys and clothes that we collect with friends and family… Giving selflessly to the Prosegur Foundation in this project makes me feel very proud.

I remember one day when we took the food to the school canteen, just as lunch was about to be served. I was thrilled to see the faces of the children waiting for their food, all seated with their plates and cups… I'll never forget those little happy and innocent faces! At that moment I remembered a passage from one of the pioneers of Piecitos Colorados, Roberto Montesinos, when he said "Children's dreams cannot be stolen". This is what compels us to continue supporting the future of these children hand in hand with the Prosegur Foundation.