Our little feet learn and teach them to eat healthily

November was the month chosen to hold educational fairs in the Paraguayan schools of San Ramón (Capiatá) and Nuevo Horizonte (Coronel Oviedo), which are part of our Development Cooperation programme, Piecitos Colorados.

The students of the first and second cycle of education presented the work carried out with the Nutritional Guides that the Foundation prepared and delivered to the centres, within the framework of the Nutritional Training phase of the programme.

Each team presented their conclusions on the nutritional properties that characterise the different food groups, as well as the healthiest and easiest to prepare meals to make the most of them. In addition, the directors and teachers explained to the participants (family members and the community in general) the work carried out by the Prosegur Foundation for the launch of these guides in the country, highlighting the importance of learning about healthy eating and its influence on the proper growth of children.

Habits that should be incorporated from childhood and that, in the case of Piecitos, have managed to transcend the classroom to involve families in health care, thanks to the work of the students.